Pennsylvania program targets aggressive drivers

| 6/21/2006

Pennsylvania law enforcement is looking to curb aggressive behavior on the state's highways this summer.

To that end, the Pennsylvania State Police have launched a pilot program to work with local law enforcement.

According to a news release, the program is part of the Smooth Operator partnership that has been in use by Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC, since 1997. Law enforcement groups in those three areas have shared information and resources to combat aggressive driving each summer since the program began.

As part of the program, Pennsylvania will place additional patrols in 12 counties that have been identified as having high levels of aggressive driving, based on 2000-2004 crash data.

The program will use $403,000 in federal funding to help place the additional patrols along stretches of highway that are seldom patrolled by the State Police. More patrol help will also come from 34 municipalities participating in the program.

The state police will share radar, reconnaissance aircraft, motorcycles and other strategies with the municipalities to help combat aggressive driving.

The crackdowns will take place at peak driving times from July through September.

The program also includes a public relations and media campaign aimed at increasing awareness of aggressive driving behavior.

The Federal Highway Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are also participants in the program.