Passenger vehicle speeds upped in metro Detroit

| 6/19/2006

The gap between truck and four-wheeler speeds is about to grow wider on several freeways in metropolitan Detroit.

Michigan State Police are in the process of posting signs to raise passenger vehicle speeds from 65 mph to 70 mph on a stretch of Interstate 75 from Taylor to Detroit. An increase on State Highway 59 and the Van Dyke Expressway will be launched during the next few weeks. All of Interstate 696 is expected to be raised to 70 mph by the end of summer, the Detroit Free Press reported.

The increase eliminates any reduction in a speed gap made possible by legislation signed into law in February 2006. The law – previously HB5104 – increased speeds for trucks from 55 mph to 60 mph, which reduced the speed differential between cars and trucks to 5 mph. However, truck speeds will remain at 60 mph under the new plan, which once again creates a 10 mph speed differential.

According to the Free Press , the increase is part of a plan by the State Police to post speed limits that accurately reflect the flow of traffic in the affected areas.