House passes refinery bill

| 6/13/2006

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill on Wednesday, June 7, designed to make it easier for oil companies to build or expand refineries.

The bill, HR5254 – also known as the Refinery Permit Process Schedule Act – calls for the creation of a federal coordinator to oversee the coordination and approval of refinery authorizations.

The bill failed to gain approval in the House in early May when it attempted to pass under the suspension of rules provision. Under that provision, a bill requires a two-thirds majority to be approved. While the bill did receive a majority, it did not receive two-thirds and was therefore not approved.

The bill is now under consideration in the Senate, where The Associated Press reported its future may be uncertain. A similar bill failed to get out of the Senate in 2005 and was strongly opposed by both Republicans and Democrats, according to The AP.