Owner of Florida CDL school arrested

| 6/12/2006

The owner and manager of a Florida driver training school were arrested on Thursday, June 8, after investigators found that the school may have put more than 2,000 drivers on the road without proper training and testing.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that C&L Solutions President Victor Cosme-Burgos, of Orlando, FL, and Manager Robson Coco, of Winter Park, FL, were arrested on nine felony charges after a state auditor noticed that the school had not failed any students during a year and a half of driving tests.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles kept track of the school, and eventually entered into a joint investigation with the Highway Patrol in which undercover agents posed as students at the school for several weeks.

The Sentinel reported that one agent received certification for any kind of truck or bus after a 90-minute road test that consisted of driving to a gas station, pumping $100 worth of fuel, and going back to the school.

Charges against the owner and manager included falsifying records, violating the Florida Communications Fraud Act, unlawful compensation and forgery.

The school is now shut down permanently, and officials will begin notifying the students within 60 days about what steps they must take to maintain their CDLs, according to The Sentinel.

Anyone who obtained a license through C&L Solutions may call the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ Motor Carrier Services division at (850) 617-2909.