Missouri adding 6,000 mile marker signs to interstate highways

| 6/9/2006

It’s hard to think of a lot of situations where an extra fifth of a mile will help lost motorists figure out where they’re at – but don’t tell that to the Missouri Department of Transportation.

With the help of millions in state road funding, MoDOT is adding about 6,000 new mile markers to the 1,200 miles of federal interstate highway in the state. Once installed, Missouri will be the first state to adopt the new federally approved mile markers, which include the interstate number, direction of travel, mile point, and sub-mile point, which is calculated to every two-tenths of a mile.

The project is expected to cost approximately $3.2 million, the Columbia Missourian reported. Divided evenly, that breaks down to a cost of about $533 per sign. All of the signs should be in place statewide by the end of the year.

And although a MoDOT press release confirms that the old signs will be removed, the Missourian reports that at least some have been left in place next to the new signs, creating an overlap.

“You’d think they’d take the old ones down when they put the new ones up,” Norm Ruebling, a Columbia, MO, resident, told the Missourian. “I think it’s hilarious. If I’m at (mile) 185, then I go another 10 yards and see 185.0.”