Iowa bill to levy fine for certain uncovered loose loads dies

| 6/2/2006

A bill in the Iowa Senate that called for getting tough with anyone who fails to cover certain loads of loose material they are hauling has died.

Sponsored by Sen. Pat Ward, R-Des Moines, the bill remained in the Senate Transportation Committee when the session ended, effectively killing it for the year.

The measure – SF2033 – would have required truckers who haul rocks or gravel to cover the load.

The rule wouldn’t have applied to bulk material added to a highway or for winter snow or ice treatment. It also wouldn’t have required loads of hay, stover or other farm products to be covered.

Existing Iowa law requires gravel or rock-hauling trucks to be covered but the rule doesn’t specify a penalty. Ward’s effort mandated a $100 fine.

She considered an amendment to the bill that would have required trucking companies to pay for damages caused by flying debris, The Quad-City Times reported. But she never added it.

The issue could be brought back before legislators in the session that begins in January 2007.