Trucker convicted as spy gets 13 years

| 5/30/2006

A former truck driver who was convicted on federal charges of being an Iraqi spy has been sentenced to 13 years in prison and will lose his U.S. citizenship.

Shaaban Hafiz Ali Shaaban, who lived in Greenfield, IN, at the time of his arrest, was charged in June 2005 with being an Iraqi spy who traveled to Iraq in 2002 and attempted to sell the names of U.S. agents and operatives for $3 million.

The Associated Press reported that Shaaban, who blamed his crimes on a deceased identical twin who relatives testified does not exist, was convicted of six charges including acting as an unregistered foreign agent, violating sanctions against Iraq, conspiracy and witness tampering.

The Indianapolis Star reported that it remains unclear what will become of Shaaban once he serves his 13-year sentence. His lawyers said he will appeal the charges against him but will likely end up a man with no country.

The jury in Shaaban’s original trial deadlocked on a seventh charged against him – that he had offered to sell the names of more than 60 U.S. covert operatives to Saddam Hussein in 2002.

The jury said at the time that – while there was evidence that Shaaban attempted to sell information to the Iraqi government – there was not enough evidence to show that Shaaban had access to that information, according to The AP.