San Francisco to switch city vehicles to biodiesel

| 5/26/2006

San Francisco recently announced a plan to increase the municipal use of biodiesel.

According to a news release, Mayor Gavin Newsom issued an executive directive ordering all diesel-using departments in the city to begin using a B20 biodiesel blend “as soon as practicable in all diesel vehicles and other diesel equipment.”

The directive set out several dates for the biodiesel rollout. A pilot program testing the use of biodiesel on city vehicles is to be completed by Dec. 31 this year.

At least 25 percent of the city’s vehicles are to be using biodiesel by March 31, 2007, and 100 percent are to be using biodiesel by Dec. 31, 2007.

The San Francisco Fire Department has already initiated a six-month pilot program to test the use of B20 in two fire trucks, six engines and one ambulance in the southeastern section of the city.

The directive also calls on city departments to identify vehicle and equipment applications that can most quickly be shifted to biodiesel use and begin making preparations for making that shift.

In addition, the directive orders all diesel-using departments in the city to draft a report listing all diesel vehicles and diesel equipment and send it to the Department of Environment and the Mayor’s office by July 1, 2006.