DOE seeking your input on idling reduction education

| 5/25/2006

As part of its ongoing effort to educate truckers about the benefits of idling reduction, Argonne National Laboratory has prepared a worksheet to enable truck owners to estimate their savings and payback when using idling reduction equipment.

Argonne, a Department of Energy lab managed by the University of Chicago, would like potential users to try it and make any suggestions about how to make the worksheet easier to use and more meaningful to truck operators.

The worksheet is valid for onboard equipment ranging from generators and auxiliary power units to fuel-fired heaters and battery-powered air conditioners, and is also applicable for those using truck stop electrification. It allows owners to compare savings from alternative devices. 

The worksheet can be found at Send comments about the worksheet to Linda Gaines at Argonne Laboratory in Argonne, IL. You can e-mail her at:

Gaines is senior systems analyst with the Center for Transportation Research, Energy Systems Division. She is the lead analyst for U.S. Department of Energy’s heavy vehicle idling studies and is working with Land Line Senior Technical Editor Paul Abelson to develop ways to promote money-saving idling reduction techniques to owner-operators and fleets.