North Carolina Court of Appeals rules against red-light cameras

| 5/23/2006

Which one of these is more against the law – running a red light in front of a traffic-enforcement camera, or the camera itself? In North Carolina, it’s getting pretty tough to tell.

On May 16, the North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled that traffic cameras must follow a state law, which requires 90 percent of all revenue generated from citations to be given to local school systems.

However, the cameras in many of the state’s communities, which first went into use in Charlotte in 1998, are managed by third-party, private businesses, the Charlotte Observer reported. In many cases, those companies take as much as 70 percent of a ticket’s revenue.

The ruling could still be overturned if the case makes it to the state’s Supreme Court. If it’s not overturned, the cameras would have to be taken down, or have the revenue reworked to go toward schools.