Family ties run deep in ongoing Hired Truck investigation

| 5/23/2006

Chicago’s scandal-ridden Hired Truck program was more intertwined with one of the city’s most notorious families than previously thought, according two recent news investigations.

The investigations, which were carried out by the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times, found that the Roti family – a last name that’s long been linked with organized crime in the Windy City – had its hands in 17 Hired Truck trucking companies. That’s almost twice as many as was previously reported.

Additionally, the 17 companies received an estimated $5.5 million of the $40 million the city spent on the Hired Truck program in 2003, the papers reported.

To date, 44 individuals have been charged for their involvement with Hired Truck, in which trucking companies gave bribes and political contributions to city employees in exchange for lucrative contracts with the city. Thirty-seven people have pleaded guilty or have been found guilty. Twenty-two people – 18 of whom were city workers – have already been sentenced, according to the Sun-Times.