Washington port switches to biodiesel

| 5/19/2006

The Port of Vancouver, WA, is switching all of its vehicles over to biodiesel.

According to a news release, the port will use a B20 – a blend of 20 percent vegetable oil and 80 percent diesel – in all of its vehicles, including trucks and heavy equipment.

Larry Paulson, executive director of The Port of Vancouver USA, said in the press release that the move is part of the port’s plan to comply with a state regulation passed in April requiring state agencies to use a minimum of 20 percent biodiesel for state vehicles by 2009.

“One of the key tenets of our mission is to be a leader in environmental stewardship,” Paulson said. “In addition to reducing emissions in our work environment, this change will help support a new market for Washington agricultural products and reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.”

Thus far, the port has already purchased two trucks that run on ethanol and will require all future vehicles purchased to run on either ethanol or biodiesel.

The port has also approved the purchase of the largest mobile harbor crane in North America, according to the release. The crane will also run on biodiesel.