Police seek man who abandoned truck on a bridge

| 5/19/2006

Police acted quickly Friday morning to close the Burlington Lift Bridge in Ontario after a suspicious man abandoned a truck on there.

The truck was later found to be stolen.

The scare, which led to the use of a bomb squad, began unfolding just before 3 a.m., Friday, May 19, as reports came in to police about a man abandoning a truck on the bridge. Police said the abandonment was suspicious and a cause for concern.

Police closed the bridge for nine hours and evacuated a few nearby restaurants and businesses before opening them back up at 10:30 a.m., the Toronto Star reported.

At one point, Niagara Region Police tailed a stolen construction pickup near Lakeshore Road, but called off a high-speed chase for safety reasons, the Star reported.

Police found the second truck a short time later at a Tim Horton’s coffee shop in Beamsville, Ontario, halfway between Hamilton and St. Catherines.

Police reported that they were seeking one man Friday afternoon they believe is connected to the thefts and the abandoned truck on the bridge.

Halton Regional Police Sgt. Peter Payne reported that authorities have conflicting reports about the man’s description.