Another Connecticut trucking company caught in switcheroo

| 5/19/2006

A second Connecticut trucking company has been caught by the Department of Motor Vehicles trying to change its name to register out-of-service vehicles.

According to a DMV news release, G.W. Maton Trucking Inc. of Watertown, CT – a company that is on the state’s list of the top 25 carriers with poor safety records– created a new company, then attempted to register vehicles under that company’s name.

As with a similar case recently, the DMV’s computerized review process prevented two attempts to register the company’s vehicles under the new name at two separate DMV offices.

According to DMV records, G.W. Maton has been placed out of service by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and has a 67 percent out-of-service rating. The company has both state and federal violations that must be addressed, including failure to submit proof of repairs and failure to comply with various administrative requirements.

This is the second company in less than a week that has been caught by the DMV trying to pull the same trick.

The first company, BI Trucking LLC, attempted to re-register its fleet of vehicles in Connecticut for nationwide service. In order to avoid a federal database check, the DMV said the company changed its name, its federal Department of Transportation numbers and its federal employee identification numbers.

The DMV caught BI Trucking by matching up four of the vehicle identification numbers on the trucks with a federal database that shows interstate carriers that have been put out of service.

BI received more than $2,600 in fines from a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration review in February. Failure to pay the fines and failure to fix non-compliance issues resulted in the company’s trucks being put out of service in April.