DMV finds Connecticut trucking firm hiding behind name change

| 5/16/2006

The state DMV has stopped a trucking company in Wethersfield , CT, from registering its fleet for nationwide service after discovering company officials were attempting to start-up under a different name after being shut down for a number of out-of-service violations.

According to a Department of Motor Vehicles press release, officials with BI Trucking LLC attempted to avoid a federal database check by changing the company’s name, its federal Department of Transportation numbers and its federal employee identification numbers.

The DMV discovered the scam by matching up four of the vehicle identification numbers on the trucks with a federal database that shows interstate carriers that have been put out of service.

BI was fined more than $2,600 in fines from a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration review in February. Failure to pay the fines and failure to fix non-compliance issues resulted in the company’s trucks being put out of service in April.