DOT secretary names OOIDA's Rick Craig to new UCR board

| 5/15/2006

The Single State Registration System is coming to an end, and officials are in the process of creating a replacement program.

Fortunately, small-business truckers will have a voice in the development of the new Unified Carrier Registration Agreement, as OOIDA Director of Regulatory Affairs Rick Craig has been appointed to the UCR board.

The program was mandated in the current highway funding legislation that was signed into law in August 2005. It is the replacement system for the Single State Registration System, which is due to expire on Jan. 1, 2007. The board members will be responsible for establishing rules and regulations.

The Secretary of Transportation established the initial 15-member board of directors by direct appointment because of the imminent sunsetting of SSRS and the potential for significant loss of revenue to the 39 participating states if work is not completed before Jan. 1, 2007.

The board is made up of representatives from federal and state agencies as well as representatives from the trucking industry. Craig is one of five people representing the trucking industry on the board.

In addition to Craig, members of the board include:

  • The yet-to-be named Deputy Administrator of FMCSA or other designee from the agency;
  • Anthony D. Portanova, deputy commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles;
  • Angel O. Oliver, supervisor of the credentialing unit of the Texas Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Division;
  • Ruth Sluzacek, director of Motor Carrier Services for the Iowa Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division;
  • Frank Laqua, administrator of the North Dakota Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Services;
  • Avelino A. Gutierrez, staff counsel for the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission;
  • Barbara Hague, special projects coordinator for the Missouri Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Services;
  • Dave Lazarides, director of processing and information for the Illinois Commerce Commission, Transportation Bureau and program manager for the Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Network for the state of Illinois;
  • William Leonard, director of the New York Department of Transportation Freight Compliance and Safety Bureau;
  • Terry Willert, chief of the Colorado Public Utility Commission Transportation Section;
  • Robert C. Pitcher, vice president of American Trucking Association’s state laws division;
  • Robert A. Voltmann, president and CEO of the Transportation Intermediaries Association;
  • Richard P. Schweitzer, general counsel of the National Private Truck Council; and
  • Craig Sharkey, associate general counsel for the Wal-Mart logistics division.