TSA opens competition for TWIC contract

| 5/12/2006

The Transportation Security Administration has begun the process of searching for a third-party entity to provide all of the services needed for the Transportation Worker Identification Credential program

The administration said in a news release on Thursday, May 11, that after assessing different business models for the implementation of the TWIC program, officials have decided the best way to go is with a fully integrated program run by a single provider.

“We have looked at the entire picture and the quickest and best implementation of TWIC will be achieved through one integrated enrollment and data integration process,” said Kip Hawley, assistant secretary of TSA.

TSA said an official solicitation for a provider for TWIC services will be issued in the near future.

Hawley added that TSA expects to begin the TWIC program before the end of the year.

The announcement came shortly after TSA said it would be submitting a proposed rulemaking for the TWIC program to the Federal Register.