New CTA chairman to press speed-limiter issue

| 5/2/2006

Claude Robert, the outspoken new chairman of the Canadian Trucking Alliance, says he will continue to push for mandatory speed limiters on trucks operating in or originating in Canada.

Robert, the CEO of Group Robert of Boucherville, Quebec, was recently sworn in as CTA chairman. He replaces John Cyopek, who died in April.

Robert’s term will last two years.

In his first press release, Robert said he will push for uniform policies in all Canadian provinces to have speed limiters activated on heavy trucks, regulating their maximum speeds at 105 kilometers per hour, or 65 mph.

“I want to work with all the provincial associations under the CTA banner to make speed limiters a reality across the country,” Robert stated Monday, May 1, in the release.

He said everyone in the industry should “get serious about eliminating excessive speed” in the name of fuel economy.

Robert made other announcements, including making anti-idling regulations a priority, encouraging compliance with hours-of-service rules and increasing shipper responsibility.