Moroun wants to twin his Ambassador Bridge

| 5/1/2006

Manuel “Matty” Moroun, the billionaire trucking mogul and owner of the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit thinks he has the answer to an aging bridge structure and growing traffic concerns, and that is to build a twin bridge right next to the old one.

The Windsor Star based in Ontario, Canada, obtained a 34-page report from the reclusive bridge owner regarding his enhancement project.

Conspicuously absent from the report, according to The Star, is a previous idea for a 2.8-mile “ring road” that would double as a truck feeder route.

A binational study group, Detroit River International Crossing, had already recommended a new crossing be constructed about two miles south of the Ambassador Bridge in an effort to remove congestion from Windsor’s busy Huron Church Road and neighboring residential streets.

Moroun’s plan counteracts the recommendation. Instead, the Ambassador Bridge Co. is calling for the same traffic route from Huron Church Road, only with a twinned Ambassador Bridge.

The proposed new bridge would take the burden from the 75-year-old structure when it needs future repairs.

Design of the bridge is estimated to take less than two years, according to the report.

Meanwhile, the debate about where a new border crossing should go rages on between private ownership and the government agencies on both sides of the Detroit River.