New York radio host calls for trucker shutdown

| 4/28/2006

The co-host of the morning show on a New York radio station is calling for New York truckers to shut down their rigs on May 15 to protest the high price of diesel.

Bob Wolf of WPYX-FM radio says he got the idea when truckers called in to complain about the high price of diesel – which is at $3 per gallon or more at many New York truck stops.

Wolf told “Land Line Now” that truckers pay 28 cents a gallon just in New York fuel taxes, and that a work stoppage on May 15 might prompt state lawmakers to lower that tax. He said calls by some New York lawmakers to lower the state fuel tax have, so far, been rejected.

Meanwhile, a truck stop owner in Connecticut is urging truckers to park their rigs on May 30 to protest high fuel prices.

Walter Dethier who owns the Berkshire Country Stop store in West Cornwall, CT, says he hopes four-wheelers will join the protest too. West Cornwall is in northwest Connecticut on State Highway 7.

– By Reed Black, staff writer