Washington state to put missing children pictures on trucks

| 4/21/2006

In an effort to get the word out about children missing in the state, the Washington State Patrol has launched a program that will put pictures of missing children on trucks traveling the nation’s roads.

The Seattle Times reported that the Washington program – part of the patrol’s Homeward Bound program – has four trucks that have been donated by Gordon Trucking Inc. of Pacific, WA.

Two of the trucks will drive nationwide, while the other two will drive up and down the West Coast along Interstate 5, as far as California, each bearing a 90-inch by 90-inch poster of a missing child.

The trucks were scheduled to be unveiled Friday, April 21.

Washington joins other states and Ontario in similar initiatives. A program was started in Connecticut last year. There’s Rigs for Kids, Miles of Hope, Project Jason and another group called Eyes of America also has a program based out of Orlando, FL.