EPA relaxes testing limits on ULSD

| 4/21/2006

The Environmental Protection Agency has relaxed the testing limits on ultra low-sulfur diesel.

To give testing equipment a little more wiggle room and a little more time to adjust to the new fuel, the EPA has raised the sulfur tolerance level from 2 parts per million to 3 parts per million. The temporary adjustment will last through Oct. 14, 2008, according to a press release from the EPA.

According to the release, this means that testing instruments are essentially being given a margin of error of 3 ppm above the 15 ppm cap on sulfur limits.

The EPA said it extended the limit to “ensure that fuel actually meeting the 15 ppm cap is not falsely rejected” as the switchover begins at the refining level in June.

The adjustment will also provide laboratories additional time to adjust their testing technology and develop more accurate measuring techniques.