Nearly 2,200 commercial drivers must retake tests

| 4/19/2006

Thanks to alleged improprieties at a third-party testing company, about 2,200 commercial drivers who took their CDL tests in Missouri must retake those exams.

The Associated Press reported that the Missouri Highway Patrol is conducting a criminal investigation of Commercial Driving Academy, a private company that was once licensed by the state to run a testing facility in Sikeston, MO. The facility is now run by another company.

The state revoked the company’s testing credentials in April 2005 because examiners at the office had allegedly been approving applicants without any testing being administered.

Driver Don Barnett of St. Louis told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he attended a driving school in St. Louis, and was then told to take his test in Sikeston.

“I found out later on that Sikeston was a guaranteed ‘pass,’ ” he said. “No matter how bad your driving is, if you go to Sikeston, they pass you.”

Maura Browning, a spokeswoman for the Missouri Department of Revenue, told Land Line the process of notifying Missouri CDL holders who tested at the facility has been going on almost a year.

The Missouri Department of Revenue is sending 60 letters every 60 days to Missouri CDL holders who tested at the Sikeston facility before April 22, 2005 – the day Commercial Driving Academy was decertified.

She said the Department of Revenue has sent 560 notifications to Missouri CDL holders who tested through Commercial Driving Academy. Once truckers receive the notification letter from the state, they have 30 days to set up a retest and 60 days to complete the test successfully.

Licensing officials in other states have been notified as well because approximately 800 truckers who tested at the Sikeston facility are no longer licensed in Missouri, Browning said. Those truckers will receive notices from the state through which they are now licensed.

Any Missouri CDL holder who has not received a notification, but would like to proceed with rescheduling his or her retest can call (573) 751-4600.