Louisiana bill would keep state on daylight-saving time

| 4/17/2006

A Louisiana House panel has approved a bill that would keep clocks in the state on daylight-saving time year-round.

The House Commerce Committee voted unanimously to advance a bill that would require a permanent spring forward March 11, 2007, at 2 a.m. If signed into law, it would make Louisiana the only state in the country to not observe standard time.

Arizona and Hawaii do not participate in daylight-saving time.

This isn’t the effort’s first go-around in the state. But it’s an idea whose time has come, said Rep. Pete Schneider, R-Slidell.

Schneider said the most persuasive argument to making the change is to promote economic development in the wake of hurricane cleanup.

Trucking and traffic have increased dramatically as people are rebuilding, and many New Orleans evacuees have moved to other parts of the region, he said.

“It would be safer if all that traffic moved around in daylight,” Schneider told The Advocate in Baton Rouge.

He also said an additional hour of daylight in the evening would save energy, allow adults to commute more safely, reduce crime and protect children.

“It helps out. It has an overabundance of benefits,” Schneider told The Associated Press.

The bill – HB94 – has been sent to the full House for further consideration.