Six more truckers get diabetes waivers

| 4/14/2006

The number of insulin-dependent truckers who are back on the road thanks to medical waivers has finally hit double digits.

A notice of final disposition posted on the Federal Register April 7 officially granted six truckers exemptions from the insulin-treated diabetes mellitus standard.

This is the third group of truckers who have been granted waivers. The first group of four truckers received their waivers late last year. Two more truckers were granted waivers in early April.

The waivers have been granted following the elimination of the three-year driving requirement that was dropped from the application process in November 2005. Truckers now only have to prove a minimum period of stable control while on insulin.

Since the waiver process changed, only one out of the 13 applicants has been denied a waiver.

The latest group of truckers were granted two-year exemptions.

The exemptions can be revoked if the drivers fail to comply with the terms and conditions, the exemptions result in a lower safety level than maintained before it was granted, or if continuation of the exemption would not be consistent with the goals and objectives of the reg.

Under the current regs, exemption from the diabetes standard may be granted if the exemption is likely to achieve an equivalent or greater level of safety than would be achieved without the exemption. The exemption allows an insulin-dependent trucker to operate interstate.

FMCSA officials consider medical reports about the applicant’s insulin-treated diabetes mellitus and vision. Officials also review the treating endocrinologist’s medical opinion related to the ability of the driver to safely drive a truck while using insulin.

For more information on applying for a waiver from the diabetes standard, click here.

– By Jami Jones, senior editor