OOIDA members in the spotlight for 'Trick My Truck' second season

| 4/12/2006

When the second season of “Trick My Truck” premieres on the Country Music Television network this fall, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association will be well represented.

Because of confidentiality agreements, the names of the owner-operators who will have their trucks made over can’t be released at this time. However, Land Line confirmed that of the coming season’s 12 episodes, three will feature OOIDA members. In two of those three episodes, more than one member will be featured.

“Trick My Truck” became one of CMT’s most successful shows of all time when it debuted last season. The program, which showcases the Chrome Shop Mafia based in Joplin, MO, giving jaw-dropping makeovers to owner-operator’s trucks, was officially picked up for a second season March 1.

Todd Lewis, producer and director of “Trick My Truck,” told Land Line that the second season will be expanded to 12 episodes – four more than the first season.

“We’re doing 12 in the same time frame of four and a half months, so it’s quite a feat that we’re going to try to pull off,” Lewis said.

However, experience from the first season has drastically cut the amount of time it takes to produce each episode, he said.

“We are totally dialed in right now,” Lewis said. “It’s become a lot easier. We’ve just learned how to do this better.”

According to CMT, the premiere episode of “Trick My Truck” last season was the highest-rated regularly scheduled premiere in the network’s history.

– By Aaron Ladage, staff writer