Mayor opposes toll bridge on Interstate 10 in Alabama

| 4/4/2006

Mayor Sam Jones of Mobile, AL, opposes the possible tolling of a new bridge on Interstate 10 that was designed to reduce traffic through nearby tunnels.

Jones told local media that a toll would be one way to pay for the bridge, but it would contradict the point of building the bridge in the first place.

“If the plan is to move traffic quickly down Interstate 10, I don’t think the toll situation would contribute to that at all,” Jones told the Mobile Register.

Highway officials in Alabama recently commissioned a feasibility study to see if tolls would be a good idea to pay for the estimated $700 million bridge over the Mobile River. The bridge is being built to relieve traffic from the Wallace Tunnels.

Possible solutions might also include tolling the tunnels, the Register reported. The tunnels currently carry 63,000 vehicles per day.