Congressional panels approve two port security bills

| 3/31/2006

Two congressional panels approved separate bills on Thursday, March 30, aimed at boosting security in U.S. ports.

The Associated Press reported that a Homeland Security subcommittee in the House of Representatives approved legislation that would improve cargo inspections and beef up port security.

Meanwhile, the Senate Banking Committee voted unanimously to approve a bill that would bring the federal panel that approved the Dubai World Ports deal under closer control by Congress.

The measure also requires the panel, called the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, to investigate any proposed transaction involving a foreign government or a critical infrastructure of the U.S.

The bill would also give the president the power to suspend or block a transaction if it is found to be a threat to national security, The AP reported.

A similar bill is expected to pop up in the House within the next few weeks, according to The AP.