EPA SmartWay manager meets with OOIDA, congressional staff

| 3/30/2006

The Owner-Operator Independent Driver’s Association recently teamed with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to spur discussion of fuel consumption and emissions issues related to the trucking industry.

OOIDA invited Mitch Greenberg, manager of the EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership, to be the featured speaker at the Association’s monthly Policy Briefing and Lunch in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, March 28.

SmartWay is a voluntary partnership between the EPA and the transportation industry to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions from freight transportation.

Greenberg, who started the SmartWay program in 2003, has been with the EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality for a number of years working on heavy truck, passenger car and off-road engine compliance.

This week, he spoke to congressional and agency staff from Capitol Hill, as well as OOIDA representatives, about the need for truckers and the EPA to work together to find reasonable solutions for a cleaner environment while increasing profits.

Greenberg stressed the need for truckers and trucking companies to adopt strategies that will improve the environment such as idle reduction, improved aerodynamics and driver training.

The gathering attracted senior staff members of the House, Senate, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Federal Highway Administration and the Department of Transportation’s Office of the Secretary.

The monthly policy briefings are an opportunity for OOIDA to help inform lawmakers and their staffs about transportation issues, especially where they affect truckers in their day-to-day working lives.

OOIDA President and CEO Jim Johnston is scheduled to speak at the upcoming April 20 briefing. His topic will be “Ensuring the Availability of Trucks and Truck Drivers to Haul America’s Goods.”