Connecticut trucking company owner again under investigation

| 3/30/2006

The owner of American Crushing and Recycling –whose dump truck was involved in a deadly crash in Connecticut in July 2005 – is under investigation again following an auction of that company’s assets.

David Wilcox is already facing charges of insurance fraud and larceny stemming from the 2005 accident that left four people dead, including the driver of the truck.

Now, following the auction of his company’s assets on Tuesday, March 28, Wilcox is being investigated by Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal after news cameras from WTNH-TV, a local ABC affiliate, caught Wilcox allegedly having a cell phone conversation with a bidder during the auction.

Blumenthal told WTNH that, based on the videotape, he was going to continue his investigation of Wilcox.

“If we find he had any part in the bidding, any stake in the outcome, we would take appropriate action,” Blumenthal said.

Authorities say Wilcox already tried to prevent the assets from being sold by destroying and falsifying documents, and by trying to open a new company in New Hampshire to conceal some of the assets, WTNH-TV reported.

About $1.6 million was raised at the auction, though most of that will go to creditors, leaving only a small amount for victims of the crash.