Oregon DOT teaches four-wheelers how to safely pass trucks

| 3/30/2006

The Oregon Department of Transportation is getting the word out to four-wheelers about the proper way to pass big rigs.

As part of a new initiative, ODOT’s Motor Carrier Transportation Division will be airing a public service announcement on radio stations across the state. The ads feature two talking trucks – “Mack” and “Ford” – describing the inappropriate behavior cars exhibit around them.

“The PSA uses humor to reinforce a very important safety message,” said ODOT spokeswoman Sally Ridenour. “Many people don’t know that truck drivers need almost twice the room to stop as cars. So when cars cut in too soon after passing, truck drivers are forced to compensate with little time or room to spare. Sometimes, this causes a crash or rollover.”

Specifically, the ad includes three important points for four-wheelers to remember:

  • Wait for a legal passing zone to open up;
  • Make sure you can see the entire front of the truck – from top to bottom, not just the grille – in your rear-view mirror; and
  • Don’t slow down after completing the pass.