Colorado bills seek safer teen driving rules

| 3/29/2006

Two efforts designed to make teens safer on roads throughout the state won unanimous approval in the Colorado Senate Transportation Committee.

A bill offered by Rep. Debbie Benefield, D-Arvada, would require drivers younger than 18 years old convicted of misdemeanor offenses such as speeding and reckless driving to take a minimum of six hours of driver’s education.

Wrecks are the leading cause of death among Colorado’s youth, reported. Supporters of the effort say the proposed rule could prevent some of those deaths.

A separate bill offered by Benefield would require parents of teens with a driving permit to sign a log verifying their child has completed 50 hours of actual driving.

Parents who accept liability would be required to accompany the teen driver.

The bill also would prohibit anyone between age 15 and 16 from getting behind the wheel without being accompanied by a Colorado license holder at least 21 years of age.

The driver’s education bill – HB1108 – and the driving permit bill – HB1107 – are waiting consideration before the full Senate. The House has already approved them.