TA announces expansion of IdleAire locations nationwide

| 3/28/2006

On the heels of their recent partnership with IdleAire Technologies Corp., officials with TravelCenters of America announced Tuesday, March 28, that the technology will be installed in at least 50 locations during the next 15 months.

According to a press release, TA already offers IdleAire, which allows trucks to plug in to an in-cab electrification and services system – for an hourly fee – at locations in selected states, including Maryland, New Jersey and Texas. There was no indication of how many individual IdleAire parking spaces would be available at the 50 locations.

In January, IdleAire announced an expansion to put 13,200 individual truck hookups in 210 locations in 35 states during 15 months. Locations will include TravelCenters of America, Petro Stopping Centers, Pilot Travel Centers and several independent sites.

Funding for that expansion will come from the sale of $320 million short-term security bonds. Generating that kind of capital, the company said, puts IdleAire in line for a matching government grant of $42 million.