Trucking companies team up to fight thievery

| 3/28/2006

Five trucking companies in Arizona are working together to help stem a rash of container thefts in the Phoenix area.

The Arizona Republic reported that the companies, which include Swift Transportation Co. Inc., Knight Transportation Inc., and Duncan and Sons Lines Inc., have banded together to create a shared database of missing containers and chassis and are offering rewards for their recovery.

The Republic reported that container and chassis thefts in the area have been on the rise since about 2003 and the costs have been adding up. In addition to the fact that containers can cost as much as $4,000 and chassis as much as $20,000, the companies say insurance companies are raising their rates because of the losses.

The database was created in January, and has since grown to include 82 missing containers and 30 chassis.

So far, the joint effort has led to the recovery of about 50 containers and chassis, according to The Republic. And the companies have paid out more than $4,250 in rewards, mostly in the $100 to $250 range.