Connecticut trucking company's assets to be auctioned

| 3/27/2006

The assets of American Crushing and Recycling – the Connecticut company whose truck was involved in a deadly wreck on Avon Mountain in July 2005 – are headed for the auction block Tuesday, March 28.

American Crushing and Recycling was shut down following an investigation into a July 29, 2005, crash involving one of its trucks that claimed the lives of four people, including the truck driver. Investigators found numerous safety violations. The company’s owner was subsequently charged with insurance fraud and first-degree larceny.

WVIT-TV, a local NBC affiliate, reported that about 400 cases of equipment belonging to the company will be auctioned off in Stafford, CT. The items include heavy machinery, trucks, individual tools and welding machinery.

The auction could bring in as much as $1.4 million, with most of that going to court fees and creditors. WVIT reported that approximately $300,000 to $500,000 would be left over for victims of the crash.