Port of Tacoma terminal in Washington goes green

| 3/24/2006

The Husky Terminal, an international shipping terminal at the Port of Tacoma in Washington, has switched to biodiesel for all of its equipment.

Tacoma's The News Tribune reported that the terminal, operated by Husky Terminal and Stevedoring Inc., is the first terminal in Tacoma to make the switch.

All of the cargo handling equipment – including six cranes, 32 semi-tractors, and eight top picks used for stacking containers – is now using a 20-percent blend of biodiesel.

Steve Bassett, the terminal's manager, told The News Tribune that he is hopeful that the switch will both help decrease diesel emissions and encourage other terminal operators to follow suit.

At first, Bassett feared there might be performance issues with the biodiesel, but he said he hasn't seen any yet.

The News Tribune reported that the only drawback has been the increased cost. Bassett said the biodiesel is costing his company an additional $280 to $392 each week, but that it was “not a big hurt economically.”