Kansas to add fingerprint device to police stations statewide

| 3/24/2006

Police in Kansas are about to have a new tool at their disposal for finding wanted criminals in the field.

During the next year, 60 portable fingerprinting devices will be distributed to police officers across the state, The Kansas City Star reported. The devices are part of a $3.6 million renovation of the Sunflower State's fingerprint database.

According to The Associated Press , officers will be able to use the new gizmos to scan fingerprints during traffic stops and at crime scenes, and then compare the information to a national print database.

The system will also be able to store palm prints and mug shots, which could be used for future reference, The Star reported.

However, the new technology will not be used to add fingerprints into the database system, and will not be used at every traffic stop, an official with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation told “Land Line Now.”