Idaho Senate rejects biodiesel bill

| 3/22/2006

A bill that would have required all diesel sold within the state to be a 2-percent blend of biodiesel died in the Idaho Senate Monday, March 20.

The Spokesman-Review, a Spokane, WA, newspaper, reported that the bill lost by a vote of 11 to 23. Opponents of the bill said that Idaho’s biodiesel industry is not yet equipped to handle such a mandate.

Sen. Dick Compton, R-Coeur d’Alene, told The Spokesman-Review that he opposed the bill because it was a mandate.

“I don’t like mandates,” he said. “I like incentives.”

But Sen. Gary Schroeder, R-Moscow, the bill’s primary sponsor, said the mandate wouldn’t have kicked in until the state’s Department of Agriculture certified that Idaho’s biodiesel production reached 4 million gallons a year, The Spokesman-Review reported.