New cameras could catch, ticket noisy drivers

| 3/21/2006

Cameras that can catch red-light runners and speeders have already begun to infiltrate communities across the country. But now, an Australian company has developed a new camera technology that could bust motorists just by the sound of their vehicles.

Acoustic Research Laboratories, a New South Wales company, has announced that it has developed a camera that can also monitor and record the decibel level of passing vehicles, and pinpoint the sound levels of a specific vehicle, according to the company’s Web site.

Although the cameras could have a wide variety of uses, industry insiders believe the cameras could be used to ticket drivers with loud stereos or noisy exhaust systems.

The company did not give any indication of whether the cameras would be used on roadways in the U.S. or to monitor the trucking industry. However, the new technology will be tested by the Australian Navy on some of the country’s roadways, according to media sources.