Massachusetts wants refund for Big Dig project

| 3/20/2006

If you hired somebody to do a job, and that job wasn’t done to your satisfaction, odds are you’d ask for your money back.

Well, that’s exactly what Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly is doing.

Reuters reported that Reilly is planning to sue Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff – the main contractor for the leaky Big Dig project – and other firms involved if they do not reach an agreement about more than 200 complaints of shoddy workmanship in the project.

Reilly is demanding that contractors refund $108 million, a relatively small portion of the more than $14 billion spent on the project so far. It is also a small part of the original $3 billion the project was supposed to cost.

According to The Boston Globe, Reilly’s office sent a letter to the companies in February, seeking $67 million from Bechtel and $41 million from other companies involved in the project.