ATA throws weight around, but not everyone swayed

| 3/16/2006

ATA has recently recommended a 97,000-pound weight limit on 53-foot trailers, and while that might help increase profits for motor carriers, not everyone is on board.

On Tuesday, March 14, the Truckload Carriers Association decided at its annual meeting in Orlando, FL, to maintain its own position for an 80,000-pound maximum and not toe the ATA line.

According to The Trucker, TCA President Chris Burruss commended ATA’s willingness to find commonality among its members. “However, it should be noted that many in the truckload segment do not support ATA’s view on this matter,” Burruss said.

“Consensus will be difficult, but we are fully committed to discuss all proposals and recommendations regarding this matter through our committee process.”

On Feb. 22, ATA board members began seeking federal legislation to allow bigger and heavier commercial vehicles, which marked a turnaround from the motor carrier association’s previous stance.