U.S. DOT report says NAFTA surface trade up by 10 percent

| 3/15/2006

For the second consecutive year, surface trade between the U.S. and its neighbors to the north and south increased by 10 percent or more, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

More than 70 percent of all surface trade in the North American Free Trade Agreement involving the U.S., Canada and Mexico is by truck. Surface trade also includes rail and pipelines.

NAFTA partners grossed nearly $698 billion in surface trade last year, according to DOT statistics released Tuesday, March 14.

Of that $698 billion, more than $490 billion of that was moved by truck.

U.S. imports increased 10 percent to $401 billion, and exports rose 10 percent to $297 billion.

Surface trade with Canada totaled $458 billion in 2005, up about 12 percent. Trade with Mexico totaled $240 billion, up about 7 percent.

Since 1995, NATFA surface trade has increased 89 percent.