Two Canadian provinces warm up to biodiesel expansion

| Friday, March 10, 2006

The Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan have taken new measures to spur the development of biodiesel within their respective borders.

Manitoba has eliminated all provincial taxes on pure biodiesel produced within the province, according to a press release.

The province will no longer collect road taxes or provincial sales taxes on pure biodiesel within the province. The tax break will continue for five years. The tax provides an 11.5-cent-per liter – about 40 cents per gallon – price break compared to regular diesel.

Meanwhile, Canadian publication Truck News reported that Saskatchewan has scheduled a biodiesel development information session for March 23.

The session, which will be in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, is sponsored by the Carlton Trail Regional Economic Development Authority and the Humboldt Chamber of Commerce.

Judie Dyck, co-chairperson of the Biodiesel Provincial Task Force will be the guest speaker. Registration is required by March 20. For more information, call (306) 682-2631.