Trucking company owners brought up on charges

| 3/9/2006

The owners of an Albuquerque, NM, trucking company have been charged with failing to register vehicles, failing to keep logbooks and failing to have drug and alcohol procedures in place.

And felony fraud charges could be on the way, according to the state Department of Transportation.

KOB-TV, a local NBC affiliate, reported that the charges stemmed from a complaint lodged by a former employee of the company. The employee charged that owners Ernest and Henriette Montoya falsified a medical card when the driver’s authentic medical card expired.

The employee said Ernest Montoya simply pulled a blank card out of his desk and signed his name to it, then put a copy of the forged card in the employee’s driver qualification file.

Investigators served a search warrant on the company and seized medical examination reports and blank medical cards from the building.

Another employee of the company, speaking anonymously, told KOB-TV investigators didn’t find anything, and that the other employee lied in his charges against the owners.