Washington House approves Senate version of biodiesel bill

| 3/3/2006

The Washington House of Representatives has taken biodiesel one step closer to reality in that state, approving a Senate version of a bill that would create a renewable fuel standard for the use of biofuels.

The bill is identical to one sponsored by Rep. Janea Holmquist, R-Moses Lake, that was approved by the House in early February.

According to a press release from Holmquist’s office, both measures would require that 2 percent of Washington’s consumption of gasoline and diesel be ethanol and biodiesel by Dec. 1, 2008.

In addition, the measures call for 20 percent of the fuel used by state agencies to be biodiesel.

Holmquist said that, while the Senate has not yet approved the measures, she wanted to get them through the House to save time.

“Apparently, there is a backlog of bills in the Senate that are coming against a deadline,” she said in a statement. “In order to save this legislation, it was decided to move the Senate bill through the House with an amendment prepared for the legislation I introduced.”

The bill is now headed to the Senate for final approval.