U.S. diesel prices on the rise

| 3/3/2006

The average price of diesel increased significantly during the week ending March 4.

According to ProMiles, the price rose 4 cents from Wednesday, March 1, to Friday, March 3.

ProMiles reported that the national average on March 3 was $2.52 per gallon, up nearly 2 cents from the previous day.

The highest prices for the day were found in California, at $2.707 per gallon. Indiana had the lowest, at $2.362 per gallon.

Meanwhile, AAA reported a national average of $2.561 per gallon, up about a penny from the day before, but nearly 2 cents below prices on Feb. 3.

The auto club also showed California as having the highest prices, at $2.838 per gallon, though New York was not far behind at $2.838 per gallon.