High school students invent high-tech solution to energy crisis

| 3/2/2006

A group of inventors in Philadelphia may have discovered the future of alternative energy – if they can get a hall pass to work on it, that is.

While the world’s biggest automobile manufacturers seem to be struggling to invent a vehicle that combines both energy efficiency and power, five high school students at West Philadelphia High School have created a high-tech, high-efficiency vehicle as a project in their auto shop class.

According to CBS News, the car is capable of reaching speeds of zero to 60 in 4 seconds, and gets more than 50 miles to the gallon. The car uses a soybean-based biodiesel as its fuel source.

The five students who created the vehicle – each of whom became involved with the project through an after-school program for troubled teens – said working on the car has helped straighten out their lives and keep them on track.

However, none of them have been able to fathom why a giant car manufacturer hasn’t been able to mass-produce a similar product – although they do have a sneaking suspicion.

“They’re making billions upon billions,” Kosi Harmon, one of the five students, told CBS News. “And when this car sells, that’ll go down – to low billions upon billions.”