Passing trucker rescues trapped boy

| 3/1/2006

Allan Dennis was driving his truck along Interstate 65 near Prattville, AL, when he heard news of an accident on his CB.

Dennis, who happens to be a trained emergency medical technician with the volunteer fire department in his hometown of Springville, IA, decided he had to help.

The Montgomery Advertiser reported that Dennis reached the scene before the local ambulance team arrived. He found a 12-year-old boy pinned under an overturned pickup truck.

“The truck was on its side and the boy had his legs under the truck,” Dennis told the newspaper. “We were able to rock the truck and get him out. He had a pretty deep cut on his right arm near his elbow, but other than that he looked okay.”

The Advertiser reported that the boy and a woman were transported to a Montgomery hospital with moderate injuries. Two other people in the truck had minor injuries.