New study finds distraction risk with in-car navigation systems

| 2/22/2006

If all the reports on distraction caused by cell phones, in-dash-televisions and MP3 players weren’t enough to clue you in, a new study has added another item to the growing list of driving menaces.

On Tuesday, Feb. 21, a British study funded by Privilege Insurance was released, showing that motorists who used GPS navigation devices while driving are more likely to lose concentration on the road than those who use an old-fashioned paper map.

According to the study, of the 2,000 people studied, 19 percent of whom used in-car navigation system lost concentration, compared to 17 percent of their map-reading counterparts.

Similarly, one in 10 motorists admitted to not preprogramming their destinations into the devices before starting on their trip, and half admitted to inputting the information while they were driving.