All aboard the rough Manitoba express

| 2/17/2006

Truckers in Manitoba are lamenting the condition of some of the Canadian province’s highways.

The Winnipeg Free Press reported this week that long-haul truckers are having trouble getting up to the speed limit because of potholes and cracks in the highways caused by fluctuating winter temperatures.

The provincial government has even issued warnings to slow down, the paper reported.

The roughest highways, the paper reports, include the Trans-Canada Highway between Highway 207 and Highway 12; Highway 75 south between the provincial capital of Winnipeg and the town of Emerson; and a 15-mile stretch west of Pembina Highway on the sough perimeter of the city.

One long-haul trucker compared the situation to driving over railroad tracks in some areas, and the rough drive has damaged freight in his trailer.

The pavement is basically 20- to 30-year-old asphalt overlaid on 50-year-old concrete, The Free Press reported.